In this session, I’ll introduce the basics of qualitative research, focusing on the research interview - a powerful method for understanding the needs and experiences of folks at your institutions. We’ll go over how to create an interview guide, interviewing tips, tools, and best practices for analyzing the resulting rich qualitative dataset.

Instructor Information

Vicky SteevesVicky Steeves, Librarian for Research Data Management and Reproducibility, New York University. I was NDSR ’14 in NYC. I worked at the American Museum of Natural History, and my project was to basically interview all the curators in the museum and their scientific staff (postdocs, grad studets, technicians, etc.), and the collection managers (some based in the Library, some in the Scientific Divisions). Based on the information I gleaned from the interviews, I wrote a report outlining the biggest preservation risks, ongoing data curation needs, and options for long-term digital preservation.

Any questions, contact: vicky.steeves@nyu.edu, @VickySteeves, or @vickysteeves@octodon.social