Call for Proposals | Librarians Building Momentum for Reproducibility

Conference Date: Tuesday January 28, 2020 - 9:00-2:30pm PST, 12-5:30pm EST

Proposals Due: December 2, 2019

Decisions: December 20, 2019

The Librarians Building Momentum for Reproducible Research Virtual Conference seeks to bring LIS practioners together for a half day of discussion, sharing, and inspiration. The conference will last 4-6 hours and include a keynote, a panel, presentations, lightning talks, and virtual breakout room activities. As such, we welcome your proposals and proposals around reproducibility and your work! You can propose either a presentation or lightning talk:

Presentations: 10-15 minute presentations, followed immediately by 5 minutes for Q&A, on a specific topic, project, case study, or research report that go into depth and significantly add to the conversation around reproducibility in libraries.

Lightning Talks: 4 minute quick presentations with time after all presentations for attendees to ask questions.

Suggested Topics:

  • Case study of large-scale collaborative research
  • Reproducibility best practices
  • Adoption of replication culture and its impact
  • Work in standardization of definitions and analyses
  • Registration of studies, protocols, analysis codes, datasets, raw data, and results
  • Improvement of study design standards
  • Better training of research communities in methods and statistical literacy
  • Improvements in peer review, reporting, and dissemination of research
  • Examples of use or sharing of data, protocols, materials, software, and other tools
  • Research illustrating a lack of reproducible research in your field